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Sustainable Outcomes LLC offers virtual and in-person trainings for individuals, teams, and organizations.  Our training programs combined with our coaching and assessment tools offer a comprehensive approach to transforming our client’s leadership and personal development.

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In addition to our scheduled programming, we offer specialized team/organizational trainings

  • Executive/Team Retreats
  • Customized Training Program

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Sustainable Outcomes LLC offers assessment tools for individuals and team.  Assessments can be used as part of leadership/team development, hiring/talent development processes and conflict management.  In addition to administrating the assessments, we also provide interpretation and somatic integration of the results.

We specialize in:

FEBI Assessment: The FEBI is a validated psychometric instrument that measures energy patterns in the nervous system that map to factors of personality.  The FEBI is a powerful tool that reveals how you can best leverage your strengths and understand your energy pattern and the patterns of others.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Type I and II: The MBTI is a validated personality preference assessment. The tool identifies an individual’s personality type and provides common language about related behaviors. The MBTI can help teams and individuals improve communication and overall performance by deepening leaders’ understanding of their own and others preferences.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI): The TKI is a validated tool that assesses an individual’s behaviors in conflict situations.  The TKI empowers individuals and teams to effectively choose an appropriate conflict-handling style that produces positive interpersonal and group interactions.

Self-Assessment Tools: In addition to validated assessments, we also offer self-assessment tools related to emotional intelligence, social styles, unconscious bias, resiliency, stress management, and team dimensions profiling.