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Sustainable Outcomes offers Somatic Coaching services internationally.  Options for in-person, video, and phone sessions are available.

Through coaching, we work with our clients to:

  • Align their values with their personal and professional aspirations
  • Develop successful outcomes in their personal and professional lives
  • Enhance accountability for advancing their professional and personal goals
  • Explore how life’s stories are impacting today’s reality
  • Expand their understanding and appreciation for themselves & their unique talents
  • Develop trauma-informed leadership skills
  • Cultivate leadership resilience

Coaching services include

  • Executive Coaching for C-Suite Leaders committed to maximize their productivity and effectiveness
  • Leadership Coaching for leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs committed to enhancing leadership skills and building self-awareness
  • Personal Coaching for individuals committed to transforming their personal lives and goals
  • Team Coaching for teams and departments seeking to improve the coordination and effectiveness of a group

The length of each coaching engagement varies and is based on each individual client’s needs.  We offer a sliding scale in an effort to be more accessible to those seeking to transform their personal and professional lives.

Interested in Coaching?

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