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“As a new business owner, I worked with LaWanda on setting up my business structure and processes. Throughout our time working together, I was fully engaged by LaWanda’s friendly and inquisitive demeanor. Although I was eager to race ahead with my plans to start my business, LaWanda encouraged me to take the time necessary to address the many important details first so that I would have a solid foundation to build upon. She asked a lot of questions that I didn’t know the answer to, but with time and homework the answers came.  In moments where I felt stuck or resistant, LaWanda provided consistent support that helped me move through these phases. I was truly impressed with how LaWanda so skillfully helped me to weave together my passion with the new skills and actions I needed to take – making it all much more interconnected.  She supported me in developing skills that I carried far beyond our time together. Skills that have allowed me to demonstrate the professionalism needed to attract new clients. Her observational skills, knowledge of human behavior, and business acumen combine for practical and achievable business development.  If you are looking to start a new business or simply redefining your current business processes, I would highly recommend LaWanda as someone who can lead you on that journey with rigor and grace.”

Small Business Owner

“If you have ever received a gift that was life changing, and that brought you tremendous happiness and joy, then you can relate to what I experienced when LaWanda Thompson entered my life.  I can recall the day our paths crossed and the opening that occurred.   As a person, she is someone whose character is one to be modeled after.  As a friend she is one that can be counted on and trusted.  As a coach, she instructs her client’s whole being while maintaining her permeability.  As a business woman she questions the status quo and challenges organizations to be their best.   As a learner she is a sponge ready to soak up and expand her knowledge base. As a mentor she listens, guides, supports and celebrates.   I would highly recommend any opportunity you may have to partner with this extraordinary individual.”

Director at Fortune 100 Company

“LaWanda has been my business consultant for several months and I truly don’t know how I made it this far without her. She is direct, concise and extremely knowledgeable – always delivering advice with the utmost sincerity and a smile. Not only does she work with me on strategy, planning and problem solving she helps me set achievable deadlines, allowing me to be more efficient in attaining my goals. One of the things I can appreciate the most is how easy it is to work with her. She makes what could be an extremely overwhelming process, enjoyable. I trust her completely and know that this is a relationship that is going to last for years to come.”

Social Entrepreneur/Business Owner

“Her skills and competencies as a somatic coach are undoubtedly very strong but what makes LaWanda an exceptional coach in my view, is her humanity, her depth and her capacity to navigate the delicate and complex territory of personal transformation with a sense of grounded compassion and inner wisdom. Her background as a senior executive adds a dimension of pragmatism and lived experience in the field of leadership and broadens her offer to anyone who is willing to fulfil their leadership potential. I would highly recommend LaWanda as a talented somatic coach, capable to lead both individuals and larger groups on the path of embodied leadership, personal growth and somatic transformation.”

International Executive Coach & Peer

“I truly enjoyed working with LaWanda, her coaching style was both caring and honest and she helped me see myself clearly.  She helped restore my confidence in myself while building trust with others.”

Leader in a Fortune 100 Company

“LaWanda is a unique and wonderful coach. For once I felt as though someone heard me and appreciated the skills and talents I bring to the table.  LaWanda sees through the layers and barriers we put up to hide behind. Her curiosity will help you to ask the right questions and discover what is truly important to you.  And more importantly, she will help you remove those barriers and live a life that focuses on what truly makes you happy.  In addition to listening and advising, LaWanda has provided me with practices that allow me to focus, to center myself, and disengage from behaviors that were holding me back.  I feel blessed to have a coach who has helped me discover who I am and to live more fully in that space.”

Leader in a Fortune 100 Company